Come to reach us in Murano, in Fondamenta Manin n° 48


Navy Vocabulary: “Point of the tide that is located between the fall and grow, or between this and that, where the sea water has no motion”

About us

In 2012 Caterina and Giovanna, who are sisters in law, took over an old bakery in the heart of Murano and turned it into a warm, cozy osteria, preserving all distintctive features of the old shop.

Giovanna Arcangeli

Born and living in Murano, a long experience as events manager. She’s in charge of the service and choses wines, supported by professional sommeliers.

Caterina Nason

Born in Murano, architect, chef by passion. Distinctive features of her cuisine are the extreme lightness, quick cooking, the use of few ingredients for every dish. You can’t miss her desserts.


Every morning we buy our fish from the market of Rialto, Venice. Fresh vegetables are in all our dishes, and we always try to buy them from small local farmers on the island of S.Erasmo or from the venetian interland. Meat is also provided by a local butcher.


Opening hours:



Monday and Friday

12.00 - 15.00
19.00 - 21.30

Tue - Wed - Thu - Sat

12.00 - 15.00


Murano, in Fondamenta Manin n° 48

Reachin’ us

Services both water transport services will drop you at “Murano” or at “Colonna” stops

N&N s.r.l, Fondamenta Manin n° 48, Murano Venezia
P.iva, Cod. fisc, Reg. Imp 04047360278